How can you get job offers while serving your notice period?

I’m looking for a new job and am currently serving my notice period. Are there any tips on how I can get job offers while I’m still employed?

Things you can do to increase your chances of getting job offers while you’re still employed:

  1. Start your job search early. Don’t wait until you’re ready to leave your current job before starting to look for a new one.

  2. Use your network. Talk to friends, family, and acquaintances to see if they know of any open positions that might be a good fit for you.

  3. Use online job search engines. Sites like Indeed and Monster can help you find open positions that match your skills and experience.

  4. Tailor your resume and cover letter. When applying for jobs, be sure to customize your resume and cover letter to each position.

  5. Follow up after applying. Once you’ve applied for a job, follow up with the employer to ensure they received your application and to express your interest in the position.