What are some good interview questions to ask for a .NET position?

I’m interviewing for a .NET developer position and want to make sure I ask the right questions.

  1. How have you become a .NET developer? What is your experience with the platform?

  2. What are some of the most important aspects of .NET development?

  3. What are some of the most popular .NET development tools and frameworks?

  4. What are some of the most common challenges that .NET developers face?

  5. What are some of the best practices for .NET development?

  1. How does the .NET framework function?
  2. What are the major components of the .NET framework?
  3. What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL?
  4. What is CTS?
  5. Explain CLS
  6. What is JIT?
  7. What is the difference between int and Int32?
  8. Explain the differences between value type and reference type.
  9. What is the difference between managed and unmanaged code?
  10. Explain Microsoft Intermediate Language
  11. What is an assembly?
  12. What are the differences between ASP.NET and ASP?
  13. Explain role-based security in .NET
  14. Explain the different types of assembly.
  15. What is the order of events in a page life cycle?
  16. What is a garbage collector?
  17. What is caching?
  18. Can themes be applied to ASP.NET applications?
  19. Explain MVC.
  20. What is cross-page posting?
  21. What is a delegate in .NET?
  22. What security controls are available in ASP.NET?
  23. What is boxing and unboxing in .NET?
  24. What is MIME in .NET?
  25. What is the manifest used for in the .NET framework?
  26. Explain the different types of cookies available in ASP.NET?
  27. What is the meaning of CAS in .NET?
  28. What is the appSettings section in the web.config file?
  29. What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface?
  30. What types of memory are supported in the .NET framework?
  31. Explain localization and globalization.
  32. What parameters control the connection pooling behaviors?
  33. What is MDI and SDI?
  34. Explain the different parts of an Assembly.
  35. What is .NET core?
  36. What is Dot NET Core used for?
  37. What are C# and F#?
  38. What is CoreCLR?
  39. What is the purpose of webHostBuilder()?
  40. What is Zero Garbage Collectors?
  41. What is CoreFx?
  42. What is the IGCToCLR interface?
  43. What is the use of generating SQL scripts in the .NET core?
  44. Explain about types of Common Type System(CTS).
  45. Give the differences between .NET Core and Mono?
  46. What is Transfer-encoding?
  47. Whether ‘debug’ and ‘trace’ are the same?
  48. What is MSBuild in the .NET Core?
  49. What are Universal Windows Platform(UWP) Apps in .Net Core?
  50. Explain about .NET Core Components.
  51. What is middleware in .NET core?
  52. Differentiate .NET Core vs .NET framework.
  53. Explain Explicit Compilation (Ahead Of Time compilation).
  54. What is MEF?
  55. In what situations .NET Core and .NET Standard Class Library project types will be used?
  56. What is CoreRT?
  57. What is .NET Core SDK?
  58. What is Docker?
  59. What is Xamarin?
  60. How can you differentiate ASP.NET Core from .NET Core?
  61. Write a program to calculate the addition of two numbers.