What are some ways to get a software development job when you don't have the experience?

I’m a self-taught Developer and have been trying to look for my first software development job for a while now but most of them require experience. Are there any other ways to get my foot in the door?

There are a few ways to get a software development job when you don’t have the experience:

  1. Use your existing skillset to get a job in a related field. For example, if you’re a self-taught developer, you could get a job as a web developer or a QA tester. Once you’re in the door, you can start working on developing your software development skills.
  2. Use your network. If you know anyone who works in software development, see if they’re hiring or if they know of any openings.
  3. Check out job postings on online job boards. Many times, companies will post entry-level software development jobs on these boards.
  4. Attend job fairs. Many companies will attend job fairs to recruit entry-level employees. This is a great way to get your foot in the door.
  5. Use social media. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding jobs. You can also follow companies you’re interested in on Twitter and Facebook.